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Gmail Label Tutorial

This is a tutorial for getting your tags to automatically label themselves as you receive them. Thanks goes to this tutorial back on LJ that taught me how to do it initially. I've updated it for DW and included instructions on making game tags.

I don't know how to get game tags to work on journal-based games, but if anyone else does, feel free to tell me and I'll include it! I also don't know how to do this with any service that isn't Gmail, so you're on your own if you're trying to do it elsewhere.

Now, onward.

Changing Your Email Address
1. First we change your email address. Log in to the character you want to create a label for, and go to Account Settings.

2. Find the field for your email address, and click Change.

3. Now you're going to change your email address to Why are we doing this? Anything after the + will be ignored when emails are sent to you; therefore, your email might be, but anything sent to,, and so forth will all go to the same initial account, It's critical to include here that the part that will be ignored is after the plus sign, not before it, and if you get these sides mixed up, you will cease receiving email for that account.

You want to change the email address associated with your character to a unique address that will identify any of their notifs as going to them. For example, I play Minato at [personal profile] dormition, so I might make the address associated with his account or It doesn't matter what comes after the + as long as it's unique and you don't repeat it elsewhere. If you have more than one journal for the same character and want them all to get the same label, you can give them the same address and only use one filter.

Remember to go confirm your email change when you get the notif before going on. I'll wait.

Creating a Filter
4. Log into your Gmail account. Click on the little gear symbol in the upper right hand corner and select Settings.

5. Then select Filters.

6. Scroll all the way down and click on Create a New Filter.

7. Now we're at the part where the magic happens. Whatever you set your character's email address as in step 3, you're going to put in the To: field, and then click on "Create filter with this search".

You'll notice that I put in the From: field, but this actually isn't necessary. I'm just neurotic, so I put it in everywhere, but it really shouldn't make a difference whether you include it or leave it out.

8. Next check the box "Apply the label" and click "Choose label". A menu will come up, and you'll either need to select a previously existing label or make a new one under "New label...". You might notice that I put asterisks in front of my character labels (e.g., * Minato instead of just Minato). This is so that they appear to the left of all of my game labels in my inbox.

Finally, select "Create filter".

9. Back at your inbox, there should be your new label on the left hand column, with a little colored box next to it. Click on that box, and a menu will appear with some color options. You can also use "Add custom color" to make up some additional colors.

Creating Game Labels
10. You're going to do steps 4 - 9 the same as above, only you're doing the following instead of step 7.

In the "Has the words:" field, you need to put the community usernames that are associated with that game. My example here is for [community profile] exitvoid. I used to play Minato there, and the communities associated with it were [community profile] exitvoid (network), [community profile] savevoid (logs), [community profile] resetvoid (OOC), and [community profile] exitrear (spam). I need to include all of these names with OR in between the names in order to put them all under the same label.

Once again, my choice here to include From: is totally unnecessary and you can leave it out if you feel like it.

Questions? Comments? Let me know! I hope this helps everyone, cause I seriously couldn't live without it.

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